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Teaching With Technology May 6, 2010

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As I mentioned in my previous post, I have become extremely interested in how technology can be used effectively and appropriately in elementary classrooms. Through my extensive research on the topic I discovered a terrific amount of online resources that can be used to enhance instruction and student engagement and motivation. In order to compile these findings in one place I created a website that is dedicated to maintaining a collection of free online resources for the integration of technology in classrooms. It is by no means comprehensive, but it is the fruit of many hours of research and searching for resources. I intend to continue to add to and revise the site as I gain more experience and become aware of additional resources, and I hope that others will find it a useful resource.


I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions if you take a moment to visit the site.


Technology Integration in the Elementary Classroom April 15, 2010

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Recent research into the use of technology in the classroom led me to find some outstanding sites on this topic, and I’d like to share a few of them here.

While technology integration seems to hold a key to increased student engagement, comprehension, and motivation, it also has its inherent risks. The most obvious concerns to me are internet safety and ethics. Classroom management and strict guidelines become crucial when students are working with the internet. An excellent resource by Dr. David Leu on this topic can be found here. Dr. Leu covers these issues and suggests websites and other resources for teachers wishing to include technology in the classroom.

In my search for information, I came across some online communities which I am very excited to have joined. What an awesome time to be a teacher, when the internet can offer so many opportunities to collaborate and learn from each other for the benefit of students! These 2 communities are only a sampling of the resources that can be found online:

http://www.classroom20.com/ (technology integration)

http://elementaryteachersnetwork.ning.com/ (elementary teachers network)

I look forward to updating my blog with personal experiences with technology integration in the classroom. I would love to hear from others in the field who have experience to share, so please leave a comment to share what works for you.